SCAA Sponsorship Committee

Welcome to the Space Coast Apartment Association (SCAA) Sponsorship Committee—a dynamic team dedicated to cultivating strategic partnerships that drive the success of our association and its members. Through collaboration, innovation, and tailored solutions, our Sponsorship Committee plays a pivotal role in shaping a vibrant and mutually beneficial sponsorship ecosystem.

Fostering Strategic Alliances:
The Sponsorship Committee is at the forefront of building and nurturing relationships with industry partners who share our commitment to advancing the rental housing sector. By aligning with sponsors who provide valuable resources, products, and services, we create a win-win scenario for both our association and our sponsors.

Tailored Opportunities, Lasting Impact:
We understand that sponsors have unique goals and objectives. Our committee thrives on developing customized sponsorship packages that maximize value, visibility, and engagement. From events and workshops to digital platforms and publications, we create opportunities that resonate with our sponsors' target audiences.

Fueling Association Growth:
Sponsorship is a cornerstone of our association's growth and sustainability. By providing essential financial support, sponsors enable us to offer exceptional programs, events, and resources to our members. Their contributions play a vital role in elevating the overall member experience.

Your Invitation to Collaborate:
Whether you're a service provider seeking to engage with rental housing professionals or an industry player looking to make a lasting impact, the Sponsorship Committee welcomes you to explore partnership opportunities that align with your goals. Please take a few moments to provide us with some information about yourself and your areas of interest.

SCAA Sponsorship Committee-Roles and Responsibilities

SCAA Sponsorship Committee Point of Contact

  • Lori Agudo

    Lori Agudo

    CAM, NAAEI Faculty

    Director of Training & Talent Development, Royal American Management

    Chair, Sponsorship Committee