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There has been a tremendous response in our industry as more property managers and owners discover the convenience of the Online Market Survey and the benefits of real-time information.  We want to thank you for your participation and let you know that the Apartment Market Survey & Trend Report “AMSTR” will now be available in our area during the 1st and 3rd Quarters of each year.


In addition to the free MyRentComps Reports that you can easily download or send to your regional or owner straight from the Online Market Survey, the AMSTR is available for purchase for $29 (for members) and $79 (for non-members) through the SCAA office.





The AMSTR covers Brevard County in the SCAA area and has analysis of Rents and Occupancies. This includes all the individual unit types and analysis by vintage groups. Because of your participation in the SCAA Online Market Survey, we can offer this high quality report at an affordable price. The great news is that as more of you turn to the Online Market Survey, both the Comp Reports and the AMSTR will only get better and more detailed with historic data being added.

To Get Your Copy of the Apartment Market Survey & Trend Report (AMSTR) for our area:

Contact Liz Recca at SCAA:

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Or call her at 407-574-2686



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