2022 Committee Chairs

2022 Chairs and Co-Chairs
  • Bonnie Smetzer

    Bonnie Smetzer


    Executive VP, Asset Living

    Legislative Co-Chairperson

  • Brent Dickson

    Brent Dickson

    CAS, Leadership Lyceum, CGC

    Account Executive, Unlimited Restoration, Inc.

    Legislative Co-Chairperson

  • Lauren Hendry

    Lauren Hendry

    Regional Manager, Asset Living

    Membership Chairperson

  • Bailey Hickson

    Bailey Hickson

    Business Devlopment and Marketing, Criste Construction, Inc.

    Events Chairperson

  • Lori Agudo

    Lori Agudo

    CAM, NAAEI Faculty

    Director of Training & Talent Development, Royal American Management

    Sponsorship Chairperson

  • Emily Smith

    Emily Smith

    IICRC Water Damage Restoration

    Sales and Marketing Manager, BELFOR Property Restoration

    Young Professionals Chairperson