Florida Lease Program

Requirements to Participate:

  • An established membership in a local affiliated apartment association.
  • A community must remain in good standing to continue using the lease;
  • A site license (obtainable at any time);
  • The forms program (sold in conjunction with the initial site license); and
  • "Clicks" for printing forms.


  • The initial one-year site license is $175 per community (or site) plus shipping. 300 complimentary clicks accompany this order.
  • Annual renewals to continue using the software are $175.
  • Additional clicks (or pages) are available in the following increments:
    • 500 for $35
    • 1,000 for $63
    • 2,500 for $150
    • 5,000 for $285.
  • Each order is subject to a $7 handling fee and local sales tax if applicable.

Other Details:

  • The initial order comes with a complimentary set of 300 clicks (about 12-15 leases).
  • The program contains a built-in counter that tracks the total number of printed pages (clicks). Additional clicks may be purchased at any time.
  • Blue Moon Software provides FREE technical support as well as FREE updates for as long as the annual license is renewed.

Apply for a site license:


Representatives are available at (800) 772-1004

Click n' Lease for Independent Rental Owners

Similar to the Florida National Lease Program, Click n' Lease offers all of the same benefits with a special twist for owners who own 25 units or less. A separate Click n' Lease site license is required for each state represented.

Click n' Lease Pricing

  • The initial software purchase is $75. Accompanying this order are 200 complementary clicks (about 10 leases).
  • No annual renewal fee.
  • An Independent Rental Owner must stay current with affiliate membership to continue using the Florida lease.
  • Each additional batch of clicks is $50.