Volunteer Opportunities with The SCAA

Are you looking for a way to get involved with The SCAA?  Here are some ways for you to get connected.




Committee Chairperson: Bailey Criste, Bfcriste@cristeconstruction.com

The Committee Chairs are tasked with the following:

-Securing volunteers to assist with all SCAA Events. 

-The Committee Chair should have Committee Meetings as needed either via conference call or in person.  The Chair will schedule the meetings and have a typed Agenda for all attending as well as providing Liz Recca with a copy. At least quarterly meetings

-The Committee Chair should always keep Liz Recca in the loop with all ideas, dates etc.

-Assisting Liz Recca with securing Exhibitors for our Annual Trade Show.  Ensuring that marketing pieces are being distributed and having knowledge of the Show and Pricing.

-Assisting Liz Recca with a new theme for all Trade Shows on an annual basis.  Also researching themed décor for the show.

-Arriving early to the Trade Show and Galaxy Awards to assist Liz Recca with decorating and set-up.

-Attending all SCAA Events and ensuring that everything is set-up correctly, securing volunteers as needed, any breakdown etc.

-Assisting Liz Recca with the Galaxy Awards.  Marketing, theme, food, DJ, photo booth, venue etc.

-Ensuring that all SCAA Events are being marketed properly and continuously.


Committee Co-Chair: Lori Agudo, lori.agudo@royalamerican.com


The Committee Chairs are tasked with the following:

-Securing Sponsorship’s for ALL SCAA Event’s throughout the year.

-At a minimum, quarterly meetings with committee.

-Have a clear understanding of our Sponsorship Layout so that it can be discussed with current or potential Sponsors.

-Communicate with Liz Recca with any ideas, meetings etc.

-Ensure that each year the SCAA has fills as many Elite  Sponsorships as possible

Maintain a Google Docs live sheet for larger event sponsorships and silent auction.

-Ensure that our Sponsors logos are always updated.  Ensure that Liz Recca has the correct logo in a jpeg format for our website, outgoing emails etc.

-Assist the Event’s Committee and Liz Recca with securing Silent Auction Items for our Annual Silent Auction.

-Contacting current sponsors to ensure they feel value in their sponsorship and ensuring they have everything they need from the SCAA.

-Continuously thanking our sponsors throughout the year.



Committee Chair, Lauren Hendry, lauren.hendry@assetliving.com

The Committee Chairs are tasked with the following:

-Shall promote membership in the Association.

-Establishing our Community Membership and Associate Membership goals.

-Ensuring our annual goals are being met with our Membership Counts.

-Assisting Liz Recca with collecting any past due invoices for Membership Dues.

-The Committee Chair should hold meetings either via conference call or in person to discuss strategies, goals etc.  The Chair should also always communicate with Liz Recca of any ideas, meetings etc. At least quarterly meetings

-Contacting new Members, no more than 30 days out to see if there is anything they need from the SCAA.

-Making sure new member folders are up to date

-Scheduling site visits with current, new and potential members throughout the year.

-Contacting potential members to see how we can persuade them to join the SCAA.

-Ensuring we have all updated contact information for our Members.


Committee Chair, Emily Smith, emily.smith@us.belfor.com

The Committee Chairs are tasked with the following:

- Ensuring that all members know about SCAA Young Professionals.

- Communicate with Liz Recca with any ideas, meetings etc.

- Ensuring that those Young Professionals in the industry (40 and under) are engaged in the SCAA and are excited about becoming involved.

-Create a YP Connect Event per year and assist Liz Recca with running this event.

- Shall promote membership and sponsorships for The SCAA.

-Updating the SCAA YP FB page about upcoming events, fun facts etc.

-Quarterly meetings with committee (minimum)

-Growing this area of the Association, looking for future leaders.



Committee Co-Chair, Bonnie Smetzer,bonnie.smetzer@assetliving.com

                      Co-Chair, Brent Dickson, brentd@sweetwaterrestoration.com

The Committee Chairs are tasked with the following

-Attend FAA Legislative Committee Meetings and preferably the Annual FAA Legislative Days

-Monitor and report to the Board of Directors information from FAA Legislative Committee Meetings.

-Possible join the FAA Legislative Committee and report findings to the Board.

-Please cc Government Affairs Manager,  Johnmichael Fernandez on all emails and any legislative issue that comes your way or that you are concerned about. johnmichael@faahq.org 

Contact Executive Director Chelsea Burn for more information: chelsea@scaafl.org